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Shawn "Saije" Sajus

Shawn Sajus
Age: 33 standard years old
Height: 6 foot 2
Weight: 200 pounds
Long Dark Hair
Blue Lightsaber
Wears Two Necklace's one from his wife
the other from his daughter.
He wears a Wrist band maid out of a hard matieral that a
Lightsaber would have a difficult time cutting through.
His main attire is a black cloak with a black leather robe
(similar to Anakin's from ROTS)
Wife: Raehannah
Daughter: Eva
Son: Alexander
Departed Son : James


Shawn Sajus was born on the planet naboo. His father and mother both
had the power of the force within them but neither ever really
harnsed it. Sajus had four sibilings. At the Age of 4 Sajus begun
his training as a Jedi [sign in to see URL] the age of 9 he was given his own
personal Jedi Master in John Drason. John took Shawn under his wing
he really began to notice Shawn's potential and slowly began to push
his training forward,faster and harder than other masters would have
approved of. Shawn grew up friends with a girl named Raehannah the two
were close but at age 17 when the two were very close even seeing
each other they were abruptly split up. Shawn and his master John were
sent with 6 other Jedi Knights on a Top Secret Mission to the Unknown
Regions. After Five years and no communcation with anyone for three
and a half years out of the five four of the eight returned. The other
four had apparently died in some form of [sign in to see URL] was only 2 months
after Sajus returned he was knighted as a Jedi [sign in to see URL] finally
met up with Raehannah once again two years after his return and seven
years after they last seen each other. The two worked a case on the
murder of a senator's assistant that lasted a few months and thats all
it took for the two to become intamant once again. They didn't give in
to having a relationship though they talked about once a week for half
a year or so before another mission to the Uknown regions involving
Sajus his old master four other knights and a squad of galactic alliance
soliders. It was another two years before they returned. Sajus his old
master and another Knight and 9 of 50 soliders were all that returned.
Sajus and Raehannah happened to meet during a investigation again and
this time they couldn't help but committ to each other. The two soon
were engaged and one year later the two tied the knot getting married.
The wedding was a beautiful one by a huge waterfall display on naboo
where the two would make one of there three homes. One year later the
couple gave birth to there first child a boy that was named Alexander.
Two years later the couple gave birth to there second child a baby girl
that was named Eva. The two remained Jedi Knights all though Raehannah
more of a part [sign in to see URL] three and a half years or so after the birth
of there 2nd child eva. Sajus was presumed dead his force sign was gone
and body was never found in a massive crash site on felucia.

Secretly what has happened in the last nine months.

Sajus suffered major brain damage/drama in the crash on Felucia and was
pulled away from it by a group of Rogue/Dark Jedi. They healed Sajus
and made them one of them. They quickly found out this wasn't a lower
classed Jedi with that said though not one of that strongest either
just very talented and smart. As Sajus memory began to come back to him
with some Munipulation from the Black Hawk's he remembered bits and
pieces but remembered false memories that said it was the Jedi Order
who did this to him. Sajus has since Sworn Revenge and has slowly begun
to form a plan to wipe out the jedi order. {about} One standard year
has passed.

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