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Kithe Sakura

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Player Name: Darth Taiter79

Name: Kithe Sakura

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Home Planet: Baroonda

Age: 30

Height: 5'5"

Hair: Brown with blonde streaks

Eyes: Grey

Affiliation: Smuggler

Weapon: Mostly uses her typical single blaster, but also owns a refurbished E-11 blaster rifle and a vibroblade.

Era: Rise of the Empire

History/Description: Kithe was born on Tatooine, the youngest of three--she has two older brothers. Her parents were active around the pod races on Mos Espa, frequently working in and around the main pod racing arena, either doing odd jobs or acting as temporary assistants to racer's pit crews. While her brothers were more than welcome to tag along and help as well, Kithe was often overprotected by her father and not allowed to pitch in much. Kithe's mother would sometimes sneak in a small project or two to young Kithe, just enjoying the rewarding smile on her daughter's face. With pod racing, drivers were almost exclusively alien as most humans just didn't possess the quick reflexes needed, but that all changed when a new circuit was introduced. Now humans could effectively race among their own, and other species not equipped for the bigger, faster league. This circuit might have been considered the "minors" of racing, but it held enough prestige to satisfy the now adult Kithe. She traveled around the galaxy with her two brothers, and all three raced together, mostly in honor of their now deceased parents. As time went by, sometimes the winnings were getting fewer and farther between--they ended up resorting to less-than-admirable tactics for achieving financial support. Kithe and her brothers fell into the smuggling business quite easily, but soon that was their only job as they had completely dropped out of the races by then, after spending several years on their final home planet--the great racing planet Baroonda. In a smuggling deal gone wrong, Kithe's brothers were murdered, and Kithe was forced to go on the run until one day she learned of her enemy's timely death. Kithe was now free to continue her life, though she still misses her siblings. She is working to bring back her reputation, taking whatever job she can find, for whoever will pay her--she had learned to 'never bite the hand that feeds you', and for her, that now means anyone.

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