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Target Books returns with Doctor Who Novels

Back in the days of Classic Who before VHS tapes fans of Doctor Who would by Target Books versions of Doctor Who episodes and for many it was the only way to know about past Doctors. Most of the Classic episodes were produced by Target Books, a few like all of Douglas Adams stories were never released in Book form.

Now it has been revealed that Target Books will return with 5 new books, 1 never before released story and 4 from the Current Doctor Who series, which includes Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat adapting two of their stories

The 5 books are:
City of Death by James Goss*
Rose by Russell T. Davies
The Christmas Invasion by Jenny T. Colgan
The Day of the Doctor by Steven Moffat**
Twice Upon a Time by Paul Cornell

*James Gross is adapting his own novelization of the Douglas Adams’ classic City of Death which means it will be shorter.
**Steven Moffat revealed at Gallifrey One that he has added some things which should make it feel even more epic.


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