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Naso clan Kihm'bar
 Name: Naso (clan Kihm'bar)

Gender: Male

Race: Noghri

Affiliation: Noghri Honor Guard

Weapon: Duel Shinto Lightsabers, Throwing Knives

Ship: Kuat Systems Firespray

Bio: During his youth he was trained in the ways of Noghri melee combat. He became a master in melee combat by the age of 15. Darth Vader noticed his Force abilities and took Naso as his apprentice. Naso advanced in his training but never felt comfortable about the Dark Side, at that point he fled and vanished for more then two years. In doing so, he was banished from his clan and no longer uses his clan name. He is now known only as Naso, and has become a freelance smuggler, working for who ever pays the most.


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