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Dread Pirate Yoric

Copy and pasted from the old Shadows in the Force Board with a few modifications. It's a bit rough so I may yet edit it some more. To lazy to do it all tonight.

Character Name: “Jester Pirate” Yoric
Age: Unknown
Skin Tone: White
Hair: White, cropped short
Eyes: Sharp blue
Height: 6’0”
Race: Human

Faction: Rogue; pirate; mercenary
Rank: Captain

Birth Place: Nar Shaddaa

Family: Unknown
Marital Status: None

Appearance: Black pants; black boots; white shirt with poofy collar; dark blue vest with pockets; black belt with golden buckle; purple hat with large white feather; black eye patch with golden X on it; golden necklace and gaudy rings; vibro-rapier and a pair of blasters


Weapons of Choice: A heavy and light blaster pistol are Yoric's main armament. To add to his image, he has equipped himself with a high-quality vibro-rapier, a pair of vibrao knuckles, and a few daggers hidden around his persona. He also has a variety of weapons within his ship.

Ship: Heavily (and illegally) modified YT-2400 Corellian Transport

“Jester Pirate” Yoric was known throughout the outer rim as the one of the greatest, and strangest, pirates. His trademark black, gold, and red Corellian Corvette was hailed as the greatest pirate ship, illegally modified in every way possible. The “Royal Joker”, its crew and its captain were accused of numerous crimes, the least of which were general thievery, destruction of government property, fraud, and impersonation religious leaders, government officials, and societal icons, and often the kidnapping of those impersonated. His blatant and deliberate disregard of any and all laws raised him to a heroic status within the eyes of the outer rim residents.

Yoric's reign over the pirate-life in the outer rim ended in a devastating trap. He, and several other large pirate groups, were all caught as they converged a meeting to raid an Imperial outpost to show who really ruled the Outer Rim. However, in typical pirate fashion, one of the pirate groups sold the rest of them out. Shortly after the meeting began, an Imperial task force appeared in the system. Within moments it opened fire on the entire pirate group, targetting both enemies and the pirate traitors. The battle between the two sides was brief, ending with the pirate's defeat. The surviving captains were rounded up and imprisoned with the intent to execute them as a sign of Imperial power. However, Yoric and many of the captains managed to escape. Rumors of how they did it have evolved into legends around the outer rim.

Yoric made his way to Nar Shaddaa and began work as a free-lance mercenary. He quickly built up an information network, associating himself with everyone he could find, from Trandoshan slavers to Hutt crime lords. it was imperative that he climb his way back up to one of the high spots of the criminal underworld. He knew he would never be a Black Sun Vigo or a planet-ruling pirate, but Yoric decided he didn't have anything better to do. He acquired a pair of droids and a new ship in his ventures; a YT-2400, an aging protocol droid with a mixed past, and a bright pink R2 unit. Slowly, he is making himself a galactic pirate once again.
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