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Re: Who is That?

Imra Ardeen: Played by Amy Jackson in Supergirl, Imra hails from Titan in the 31st Century. In the comics, she is also known as Saturn Girl, a leading member of the Legion of Superheroes whose powers consist of Telepathy and Mind control. She is married to fellow Legion Member Garth Ranzz aka Lightning Lad. Her backstory has remained basically the same since her debut in 1958's Adventure Comics #247

Reign: The big bad of season 3 for Supergirl, Reign's comic history, and appearance is different from the TV Version. In the show, we learn she was created by a group of Evil scientists who worship the old god of Krypton and was sent to Earth where she was raised as a Human named Samantha Arias who has no idea who she is until her powers manifest. In the Comics, Reign is one of 5 Worldkillers created on Krypton by Kara's father Zor-El, who came to regret what he did. Much like their first encounter in the series, Reign defeated Supergirl leaving her for dead in the remains of Argo City. Supergirl was able to stop their rampage in New York. She is more alien in the comics, with grayish skin and Red hair, she was also taller than Kara.


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