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Batman FF short story

Most stories of Batman are told from his perspective. Some have an invisible narrator. Few are even told by the villain or some secondary or minor character. But now, let me tell one from the point of view of a...


I don't know why I did it.
Well, of course I do, they were literally handing out money on the street and promises for more. But I knew it had to be one of THOSE people running it. The costume crazies. And I've heard enough to know it's damn stupid to get involved with them.
Maybe it was just greed. Or because I want so bad to get out of this city. I've always wanted. Get this one big score and I could get out, start all over.
Then again it's not like I've never made bad decisions before. Done some time, too. You could even say I've gotten people killed, though I never actually did anyone myself.
I don't know why I did it. That's what I was thinking when I saw HIM.

We had entered the van, been blindfolded and brought to the storage hall. Three of us had taken the bait that day. We stood in line waiting. A door to office opened and HE stepped out. And we knew we were screwed and it was far too late to do anything about it. I had known it had to be one of them, but I never imagined for a moment I would end up looking that white face.
"Couple more, eh? Good, that should be enough, for now." He walked closer to us. "But these look as boring as the rest of you, standing there all serious. Don't you people have any sense of humor?"
As seconds dragged in awful, awkward silence, I lost my nerve. "Then tell us a joke." I hadn't meant to say anything and it was a bloody stupid thing to say. It was bloody stupid to say anything. But I just blurted it.
He turned to me, the almost eternal smile unchanged and unreadable. "Joke? I'll tell you a whole list of jokes: Justice. Order. Society. Civilization. Life. Mankind." As he spoke, there was a slow change on his face from that frightening joy to something more vicious and hateful. "And the biggest joke of them all: Batman!"
By now I had become hysterical, certain he would kill me. And with the last word I unintentionally burst a chuckle.
He stared at me, genuinely amazed. "You DO understand! You get the joke! Oh, we're going to have such fun yet" he said, patting my shoulder.

As we had settled in, he explained the job to us and ones who had come before. "A jewelry store, so banal. But I need some funds for the REAL events. So, pair of you take these decoys", he pointed at two gift-wrapped boxes, "to banks at Johnson and at 17th street. The rest of us go pick up the shiny."

For someone absolutely bonkers, he can make a plan. He does have the element of surprise, but even so. One of the most secure businesses in Gotham and we cleaned it just like that, a smooth job. Of course if it had been up to me, I wouldn't have blown up the store front with RPG. And though shooting every clerk does stop them from making alarm, that's not my way of doing things. But when you ride with a guy like Joker, at some point you stop really caring about things like that.

So there we are, at the storage, counting the loot. Boss is playing with his gun, probably thinking who to play Russian roulette with. What I'm thinking is, what's that "real" stuff he's going to do next?
Then out of nowhere, the storage doors explode in. Sound, flash and debris are followed by smoke pouring from some kind of grenade, filling half the room. Joker starts shooting at the doors and yells everyone to do the same.
As we do so, from somewhere above fly objects that knock out two of us. Something like darkness turned matter falls striking down two more. Like a primal beast or force of nature it throws us around and though it's obvious who it is, we are too stunned to realize that.
In some senseless reaction I too charge at him. He almost knocks me out with one backhand.
Almost. I still feel the bullet piercing me. I hear further shots, but don't feel any of them hitting. I fall on the floor, no longer seeing anything.
Moment later noises fade, last of them being someone running. He kneels over me and puts hand on my wound while talking on phone. He's trying to save my life.
Joker is getting away and it's because he wants to save me.
The biggest joke of them all.

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