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Dax Darkcloud

Name: Dax Darkcloud

Species: Zabrak

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Height: 6 feet 5 inches

Weight: 195

Build: Lean/muscular

Eye color: Blue

Horn style: Medium length tan horns throughout head

Tattoe: Black tattoe over eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks

Weapons: Lightning canon, flame thrower, acid launcher

Armor: Black mandalorian style armor with red trim

Vehicle: Modified YT-2400 with speeder inside for terrain negotiation

Affiliation: Bounty Hunter

History: Dax was sold into slavery as a baby to a hutt named Karva on Nal Hutta. As a boy, Karva had Dax steal and do other illegal tasks since authorities wouldn't suspect a boy of doing such acts and being small in stature he could get into places others could not. Dax had a hatred for Karva for the things he was forced to do and when he turned 18, Karva snuck into the Hutt's chambers at night and stabbed the Hutt with a fatal wound.

Dax then left the planet and paid someone to locate and remove his slave tracking device. To get by he took on small smuggling and bounty hunting assignments. Dax found that he enjoyed this type of work and continued on taking bounties for whoever paid the highest. He claims no allegiance to Jedi, Sith, or Empire as he will work for whoever gives him the best deal.


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