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Name: Xizor
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Falleen

Force Sensitive? Unknown
Side of the Force: Unknown

Allegiance: Black Sun
Status: Lieutenant to Krey’lu’la Kree
Occupation: Criminal

Weapon(s): DL-35 Blaster Pistols, Kuati Neckbeader (necklace consisting of many beads and held together by very strong wire rope – used to garrote people), two small holdout blasters, and a few throwing knives.
Ship: Surronian Conqueror-class assault ship ‘Stinger’

Description: A very handsome male even by falleen standards, Xizor often wears well tailored clothing when not wearing the clothing he normally wears while enforcing the will of his vigo.

Personality: Cold and calculating, Xizor holds loyalty only to a select few. He cares little for who will win or die in the Clone Wars, power both personal and political is all that he desires aside from the occasional mistress.

He dislikes his Vigo and finds the war itself amusing, even though he suspects it has been engineered by the Sith to eliminate the jedi and conquer the galaxy.

History: A member of the Sizhran royal household, Xizor currently is a captain in the upper echelons of BlackSun and recently he has been attempting to ingratiate himself with the Emperor much to the dislike of Darth Vader.

Once he was the aide to a bothan Vigo who survived the assassination attempt by Darth Maul only to be betrayed by Xizor who manipulated a clone commando group into killing his boss before he in turn killed them.

Hiding his background concerning his family, the prince is also head of an ever growing company known as Xizor Transport Shipping which he has been funneling much of his personal funds into.
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