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Highlander 1.3: Prince of Thieves

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Sherwood Forest
1191 AD

Riding alone, the man was dressed in black and was well armed, from his position Robin could see two swords strapped to his back and another strapped to the saddle. He couldn’t be sure who the stranger was but he sure didn’t look friendly which meant he may be working for the Sheriff. Letting out a bird whistle he gave the signal and made his way down to the trail and once he was in place he let out another bird whistle. The Rider seemed not to notice their presence until the log fell over and blocked the path. The Horse reared up but the man was an expert rider, never even coming close to falling and instead calmed the horse. Little John came out first, holding his long staff in front of him, followed by Alan A Dale and Will Scarlett who stood on both sides of John pointing their arrows at the stranger. Robin and his old friend Much came out behind him also aiming their arrows at him, only Djaq remained in hiding to keep an eye on things.

“Greetings friend,” Robin kept his eyes on the man.

“Robin Hood, I assume,” The man remained on his horse and turned it to face Robin. “I wondered if I would find myself in your company.”

“And so you have,” Robin gave a slight bow. “If you would be so kind, you know who I am but I do not know you.”

“I have been called many things,” the stranger gave a slight smile as if he were remembering fonder times. “But you can call me Kyros.”

“What kind of name is that?” Little John replied as he looked over at Alan.

“It’s Greek isn’t it,” Robin had met a few Greeks while taking part in the Crusades but none of them looked like him. “You don’t look Greek.”

“Yes well that’s because I’m French,” Kyros didn’t seemed phased at all about being held up. “So I guess this is where you ask me for my gold and then I reply that I don’t have any.”

“Then why are you so armed,” Robin remained on guard.

“It’s a dangerous place,” Kyros motioned at Robin’s gang.

“You seem to know a lot about us,” John stepped forward. “You working for the Sheriff?”

“I can truthfully tell you that I am not working for him,” Kyros appeared to tense up and looked off towards the direction he had come from, suddenly he fell back off his horse and hit the ground with a groan. Robin could see the arrow hanging from where it had hit. Kyros was lucky that it hit a buckle instead of flesh.

“It’s Guy,” Djaq’s voice rang out from her hiding place. Before they could react a group of the Sheriff’s men had them surrounded, in a standoff both sides did nothing as Sir Guy of Gisborne rode up.

“What have we here,” Guy looked at the group with a smug face. “Well what would the Sheriff be happier with, Alive or your heads?”

With out a warning a knife flew through the air and hit the man next to Guy in the neck sending him to the ground in a thud. From his crouched position on the ground Kyros jumped up and grabbed the man nearest to him by the front of his armor and pulled him off his horse and held him in front of him as several of the men fired arrows at him. Shaken from their shock Robin took out the man across from him with an arrow before pulling his scimitar to block the blows of the rushing men. Little John spun around and drove his staff into the chest of a stunned soldier sending him crashing to the ground as both Alan and Will pulled out their weapons to defend themselves. Kyros dropped the human shield and pulled the two Roman style Gladius’ and cut through his attacker’s arm with one blade while driving the other into his chest. After losing half his men with in minutes Guy quickly turned his horse and retreated with the survivors.

“That’s for shooting me,” Kyros pulled the knife from his first kill’s neck and wiped the blood off on the dead man’s tunic before placing it back into his boot.

“That was some quick thinking my friend,” Robin came over and grabbed Kyros’ wrist.

January 2007

“You’re going to have to do better then that,” Kyros was standing at the top of the front steps holding a stopwatch as Faith came to a stop after running a mile down the road leading to the house and a mile back.

“What does this have to do with keeping my head?” Faith said in between breaths. As a slayer she could have made the run with out trouble but now that she doesn’t have the slayer abilities anymore she found herself unable to do the things she used to do as easily.

“It builds stamina,” Kyros sat down on the steps next to her. “You don’t want to tire out before your opponent so we want to build it up.”

As he was talking the two of them felt a buzz of an approaching immortal, something Faith was still trying to get used too. Kyros stayed seated appearing to ignore the incoming immortal while Faith looked off to the driveway to see an approaching car pulling up slowly. The Driver was a well dressed Black man who kept his hair cut short and had a very commanding look about him. Looking over at Kyros she could see that he was generally happy to see the newcomer as he stood up grinning and ran over to give the man a quick hug.

“Tuck, you old bastard,” Kyros stepped back to look him over. “Last time I saw you, was what, mid 60’s?”

“1968, Doctor King’s Funeral,” Tuck let himself morn the man but quickly cheered up as he and Kyros walked to the steps. “You’re doing well for yourself I see, who might this be.”

“Tuck, this is Faith Lehane,” he introduced him to Faith who looked a little embarrassed to be standing their in a pair of tight work out pants and a sweaty shirt. “She just got back from a run.”

“Building Stamina,” Tuck nodded before elbowing her in the side as he passed. “I personally think he just takes joy out of watching his students suffer.”

“Nothing wrong with a little suffering,” Kyros led the two of them into the house.

“I’ll go wash up,” Faith headed off towards the locker rooms while Kyros led Tuck towards the living room up stairs.

“So what brings you to my doorstep?” Kyros entered the large living room first. It had a collection of paintings along the walls with a fireplace straight across from the door which also had a flat screen TV on the wall above it. On the mantel, a satellite box and a DVD Player sat under the TV. A Large Couch filled the center of the room which had two chairs on both sides facing the TV; a large window to the left overlooked the gardens that made up the center of the building.

“Where’s Cybele?” Tuck asked as he walked in before being overcome in awe of the room he walked into. “Wow you really are doing well?”

“I’ve lived a long time so I’ve built up some money,” Kyros made some drinks before sitting in the chair across from him placing Tuck’s drink on the coffee table in between them. “Cybele is over in Athens looking in on someone.

“Of course,” Tuck leaned back with his drink, he knew the two of them well enough to know Cybele was taking care of some personal business and not on a holiday. “We’ve come a long way.”

“What brings you out this way,” Kyros took a drink as well.

“Oh a conference,” Tuck didn’t keep the boredom out of his voice.

“That good huh?” Kyros smiled behind his glass.

“Yeah, makes me miss the good old days of traveling the world,” Tuck laughed. “We’re doing great things, I even have Odin and Hara on board but all these mortals are to short sighted to get the idea and of course we can’t tell them we’re Immortal and know what we’re talking about.”

“That wouldn’t go over well,” Kyros agreed.

“Drinking already?” Faith entered, looking clean and refreshed dressed in a pair of jeans and a t shirt, with a pair of old combat boots that she left untied. Grabbing a drink for herself she jumped over the back of the couch and sat down. “So, Mr. Tuck, how do you know the old man?”

“We go back along way,” Tuck gave a big grin. “First time we met I had to save his skin.”

“Really?” Faith laughed and looked over at Kyros. “So he wasn’t always perfect?”

“Oh he’s always been good, but he still got into jams,” Tuck answered.

“If I remember I was outnumbered 20 to 1,” Kyros defended himself.


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Re: Highlander 1.3: Prince of Thieves

1194 AD

“Well what do we have here?” a large man dressed in armor entered the pub and walked straight at Kyros. “I thought the Sheriff told you never to come back.”

“I’m just passing through,” Kyros took a drink from his cup trying to ignore the man.

“Maybe a night in the dungeon will teach you some manors,” the man grabbed Kyros by his arm and pulled him off the stool, Using the momentum Kyros threw out his elbow and smashed the man in the face as he fell back.

With the man screaming as he held his hands to his face barely hiding the blood that was gushing from his nose, Kyros threw a punch that sent the man crashing through a near by table. Before he could return to his seat, the man’s friends came in with their swords drawn with a smile Kyros pulled his two Gladius’ out from behind his back. As the two sides prepared to do battle the pub’s patrons ran from the building, walking alone through town Tuck was intrigued by the commotion of everyone running and went to investigate. As he got closer he could feel the buzz of an immortal coming from the pub, continuing in he found a man dressed in black leather clutching two swords taking on a group of the Sheriff’s soldiers. He was clearly handling himself but there were just too many of them, jumping into action he kicked the closest soldier in the back of the head following up with a right hook that sent another man flaying into the bar. The man had just driven the butt of his sword into the face of one of the men as Tuck took out the last man.

“I hate Nottingham,” Kyros shook his head.

“They don’t seem to like you to much,” Tuck looked over the handiwork.

“Their Sheriff doesn’t like me,” Kyros confessed. “A run in a couple years back. One of his men hit me with an arrow because they thought I was working with Robin Hood.”

“He’s not usually a forgiving man,” Tuck led Kyros out of the Pub.

“He isn’t, but he understood the problem,” Kyros walked along side Tuck. “And told me never to come back.”

“Yet here you are,” Tuck smiled gently.

“Just passing through, been a long ride and thought I would be in and out,” Kyros nodded.

“Well your secret is safe with me,” Tuck replied.

“Thank you Friar,” Kyros slapped Tuck on the back.

“Tuck,” He answered the unsaid question.

“You can call me Kyros,” he smiled.

“You don’t look Greek,” Tuck stopped in front of his church.

“I’m French, actually,” Kyros laughed.

January 2007

“The Sheriff wasn’t a fan of me at all,” Kyros laughed. “But I got my revenge in the end.”

“You helped blow up Nottingham,” Tuck burst out with a laugh.

“Not all of it, just the castle,” Kyros looked hurt as he winked at Faith.

“So you knew Robin Hood?” Faith was surprised that she could still be stunned by things she learned about her teacher. “Little John, Maid Marion, and all that.”

“Yep, though for the record she wasn’t Maid Marion,” Kyros nodded. “She was also not a cousin of King Richard, a land owner or had a brother who served with Robin in the Crusades; she was just the daughter of the former Sheriff and had a line of men who wanted to court her.”

“So you mean,” Faith had discovered what the term maid meant long ago, which put characters like Marion in a new light.

“Despite what people like to say about the old days,” Kyros turned into teacher mode as he started lecturing. “We didn’t for the most part wait until wedding nights, not back then. It’s a myth that was spread by people in power until it was actually practiced by Christians.”

“Marion was a strong willed woman,” Tuck spoke up. “She was Robin Hood before Robin.”

“What?” Faith knew Immortality would shake things up but these two men were rewriting classic tales.

“Well not Robin Hood, she was a masked vigilante called the Night Watchman,” Kyros added. “When Robin was still off fighting in that fool Crusade of Richard’s, Marion used her place as daughter to the former Sheriff to help the people of Nottingham. She gave them food, supplies, gold, what ever she could give.”

“Working in the system,” Tuck chimed in. “She even tried to get Robin to do that, but he was too strong willed and couldn’t stand to see his people suffer.”

“She didn’t even really join Robin’s gang until the end,” Kyros’ face went sober as he said those words. “She, um, disrupted the Sheriff’s plans from the castle with the help of Alan A Dale, who had been working for Guy as a way to help Robin and his friends.”

“They were a couple though, right?” Faith couldn’t help but wonder what other childhood tales would be undone.

“Oh that part was true,” Kyros nodded. “They were childhood sweethearts as they would say today, were even engaged; she of course was upset that he would leave his people to fight in that damn fool crusade. Which it was, one is fine but this was the third one so it was a bit silly by then.”

“So how did you meet her?” Faith was intrigued as she refilled her drink.

“Well in truth I met her first,” Kyros smiled as he thought back. “I had actually left her place when Robin’s Men first attacked me.”


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Re: Highlander 1.3: Prince of Thieves

1191 AD

A young woman was standing outside of the house as he rose up; she was dressed in the standard outfit for a Lady in this part of the country, with her brown hair ran down past her shoulders. She held a hand over her eyes to shield her eyes from the sun as she looked to see who was coming.

“Can I help you?” the woman said as he slid off the horse.

“I could use a meal,” Kyros pulled off the gloves he had been wearing as he rode. She looked this stranger over as he tended to the horse. He was dressed in black leather and had two swords strapped to his back. Turning back towards her he seemed to know she was watching him and he gave a slight smile to ease her fears. “You have nothing to fear young lady, I’m simply passing through. Been on the road for hours and my horse could use a rest.”

“Yes of course,” She smiled warmly as she led him towards where he could stash his horse. “Come inside, I’m sure we have something for you to eat.”

“Thank you,” Kyros entered the building and found it to be quite spacious with a large dinning table in the main hall. An older man came out from a back room and hesitantly walked towards them. He was clearly the lord of the manor from how he presented himself and from the resemblance Kyros deduced he was the young woman’s father.

“Marian, who is this man?” He stopped in front of Marian

“A passer by,” She stated. “Just needed to rest his horse and a meal.”

“Hello my Lord,” Kyros stepped forward. “I am Kyros of Athens.”

“You’ve come a long way,” He remarked, welcoming him into his home. “My name is Edward and this young lady who you have met is my Daughter, Marian”

“It’s a pleasure,” Kyros took a seat at the table as Edward sat across from him.

“So do you use both at the same time or is the other a back up?” Edward pointed at the swords at his back.

“I mainly use one, though if need be I’ll use both,” Kyros pulled the left sword out and placed it in between them on the table. “A Roman Gladius, it’s not as large as your swords up here, but they’re quite useful, nice for thrusting and cutting. Those curved ones don’t do much good in the thrusting area.”

“Has a nice balance,” Edward held the sword as he looked it over, the blade was black with a silver edge, about two feet long, the grip was wrapped in a kind of black leather with a brass pommel and guard. After expecting it he handed it back over to Kyros, “There you go.”

“Pride of the Roman Centurions,” Kyros smiled as he placed the sword back into its Scabbard. “Ah Marion, welcome back.”

 Marion walked in carrying a plate of meat and bread and placed it on the table in between the two men before sitting next to her father. Kyros started eating as he told tales of his travels and where he was going. Edward proceeded to inform him of what was going on in the area, including what the Current Sheriff of Nottingham was doing and how some people were fighting him including the outlaw Robin Hood.

“Thank you most kindly for your hospitably, I must get going,” Kyros stood up followed by Edward and Marion.

“It was nice meeting you,” Marion led the group to the door.

“I hope we’ll see each other again,” Kyros fluidly got on the back of the horse. “Lady Marion, Lord Edward.”

With that Kyros rode off heading north towards Sherwood Forest, Marion had thought about trying to ride a head and warn Robin of his arrival so that they don’t mistake him for a noble or an ally of the Sheriff, but decided to just let Robin learn his lesion on his own. Taking one last look she watched as the figure disappeared in the distance and then went back into the house where she prepared for the nights activities as the Night Watchmen.

January 2007

“She sounded like a nice woman,” Faith reflected on the story he had just told.

“She was,” Kyros acknowledged.

“I never had the privilege of knowing her sadly,” Tuck looked at his drink longingly. “She had been dead for months by the time I entered the picture.”

“Dead?” Faith didn’t recall Marion ever dying in any of the stories she heard.

“She was stabbed by Guy Gisborne in the Holy Land, a nasty assassination plot cooked up by Prince John and the Sheriff to kill King Richard,” Kyros stood up and walked over to a painting of a map that he had made. “She saved the king’s life but at the cost of her own.”

“That’s so sad,” Faith took a drink

“They got married as she was dying,” Kyros turned back towards the room.

“Where you there?” Faith asked.

“I was,” Kyros confessed. “I was a pretty sound medic but there was nothing I could do about it.”

“So were you a Marry man?” Faith decided to change the subject.

“I was a Templar,” Kyros smiled. “I hadn’t seen the gang in months, having returned to the Holy Land. I was quite surprised to see them show up, but happy to see them. I was never part of the group though, I helped them on occasion but due to my standing the Sheriff was powerless to do much but order me out of town.”

“Prince John would have had his head if he locked up a Templar or worse hung him,” Tuck laughed.

“He was peeved about it too,” Kyros agreed. “His men always tried to run me off, which often resulted in a fight of some kind.”

“Well, it’s been nice catching up,” Tuck announced as he stood up. “But I must be going; it was nice meeting you Faith.”

“Like wise,” Faith replied as she too stood up.

“I’ll walk you out,” Kyros led Tuck back down the stairs towards the front door as Faith cleaned up the glasses and also went downstairs to the kitchen. As Kyros stood on the front steps, Tuck started up the rental car and drove back towards the street. Watching until he got out of view, he turned around and went back into the house.

The End


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