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Lynan Hawk-Runner

Name: Lynan Hawk-Runner
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Race: Human type (fringer from an unknown planet)

Family: Mother and Father are tribal elders in his village. He’s an only child but he wasn’t coddled in anyway. On this world the you either live or die.
Build: Tall lanky boy that stands 6’7” and weighs only about 150 lbs.
Skin: Tanned weathered skin that looks like he’s spent more time outdoors than in.
Hair: Long and silver. Hangs down to just below his shoulders and is tied back in a warriors tail.
Eyes: They seem to change color depending on his mood though they appear to stay a neutral gray most of the time.

Skills: Trained in hand-to-hand combat (some type of martial arts), swords, bows, staves, knives, and vibro versions of the bladed weapons. He also has a working knowledge of blasters but doesn’t like them very much.
Weapons: Sword, knife, bow
Clothes: Plain soft cloth that appears non descript. But these clothes have an unusual property in that they seem to constantly change to match whatever he’s walking near. When he actually stops he seems to disappear completely.

History/personality: It was discovered at a young age that this boy had a spirit bond with animals and could thus live among them. Because of this he was taught the use of weapons that no one else learned. He learned the use of the spear as all tribesmen but he also learned about the sword and staff, as well as knife and bow. These skills he learned from the weapon master. The ways of the animals and forests and plains and desert he learned from the animals themselves. In any terrain he can just vanish be it natural or urban.
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Re: Lynan Hawk-Runner

to say the least this is a "interesting" bio lol i think it would work in the time and era of our RP nice bio Jon

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