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Shawn Sajus Bio

Name : Shawn Sajus ( goes by just Sajus )

Age : 24 years of age
Height : 6 foot 2
Weight : 180

Hair : Short black some what curly hair ..

Weapon : Crystal bladed blue light saber
Ship : None

Family Ties : had 2 brothers who were both JEDI KNIGHTS but Mike died during the battle of Geonosis and Jason Died in a fight with 3 other JEDI KNIGHTS v.s General Grievous …

Friends : Was a close friend to Anakin Skywalker and Cin Drallig had been one of his teachers before he learned of his death… Sarah one of Shawn’s training partners was a close friend but was killed during the clone wars as well …
Birth Planet : Naboo

Back Ground : Sajus was brought to the JEDI order at a very young age . He had many difficulties he didn’t always have the best attitude or the best learning skill’s either . Sajus showed a impressive feat of skills with his skills with a lightsaber being far impressing , unfortunately the rest of his skills hadn’t been fully developed when he took the trials and he failed them . Sajus was brought down very much by failing the trials but finally he committed himself to working on the wrest of his abilities . Two years later at the age of 22 he finally passed the trials in time for the Clone Wars … His effort fighting along side several great JEDI knights like Kai Adi Mundi and Master Vos and Obi Wan and Anakin and even Master Windu during the clone was was a great learning chance for him to improve himself and improve himself he did until the day of order 66 hit …


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