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Star Wars: Galactic Turmoil (Runboard RPG)

Hi all! I'm Taniv, and I own the RPG message board ]Star Wars: Galactic Turmoil.

The board was founded in 2006 under the name 'Star Wars LifeSpan.' Now however, we've taken it in a slightly different direction than what was originally intended. 'LifeSpan's' was a "free-form" role-playing board, which had no concrete story-line, but Galactic Turmoil will follow a dynamic story-line that is being developed by a Leading Staff Member and myself. Member's will be able to participate in the story-line of course and even if member's don't want to participate, there's still plenty of other place's where you can role-play without having to adhere to the board's story-line and can develop your own mini-storyline! The board's story-line isn't ready to be put into action yet, but the board itself is more than ready. Feel free to post in the Welcome section! I hope to see you guy's soon!

]Star Wars: Galactic Turmoil

Star Wars: Galactic Turmoil, join the role-playing fun!

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