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Kar'ika Orsec

Player Name: DarthTaiter79

Character Name: Kar'ika Orsec (name is Mandalorian for "Little Star": nickname Rika. She adopted a Mandalorian name after becoming one.)

Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Human

Hair: Straight Waist-length dark red

Eyes: Blue-green

Age: 27

Height/Weight (Optional): 5'7"

Weapons: Blasters (one for each hand)

Special Abilities or Characteristics (ie. Force-Sensitivity): Not very high force sensitivity, Sharpshooter. Somewhat outspoken. She can defend herself hand-to-hand, though her primary weapons are her blasters. Her abilities used to be a surprise to anyone she met, though Rika is a Mandalorian now, so with that comes certain expectations. She's willing to try anything once--to an extent.


Vehicles: Whatever she happens to have at the time

Occupation: Previously worked with her father at a Corellian shipyard until crossing paths with Komis. Now a Bouny Hunter/mercenary

Affiliation: Mandalorian

History: Parents long gone--no other family that she knows of. Kinda flighty--not ready to settle down in one place just yet. Rika was born on Corellia an only child to her mother and father. She spent her entire life there, working for her father at a shipyard until crossing paths with a stranded Mandalorian warrior named Komis. Rika and her father set about to repair Komis' vessel, though they had to import a few very necessary parts. As a goodwill gesture, Rika's parents let Komis stay with them until the parts arrived and repairs could be finished. In the few days following, a connection grew between Rika and Komis that Rika had never experienced before. When it was time for Komis to move on, Rika agreed to go with him back to Dxun to start a new life there as a member of the Mandalorian society. Though her parents didn't object, for they grew fond of Komis in that time as well, they knew they would greatly miss their daughter. Rika and Komis were married on Dxun in typical Mandalorian fashion. Married for just over two years, no children had yet come of their relationship, and now never would as Komis was killed while on a mercenary mission. Rika now lives alone, but among others in the Mandalorian camp on Dxun. She kept her husband's last name, but is finally at a point where she is ready to move on and keep her duty to her Mandalorian society.

(For the purpose of description:
Armor: Black undersuit with cobalt blue armoring. Some silver and dark brown leather accents/holsters, etc.)

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