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Brea Sperinor "Skittles"
Age: early 20's
Skintone: white
Hair: Long, wavy, brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'
Race: Human

Computer tech. Works to set up and maintain computers and electronics. Also works on cracking and writing code as necessary to both break into, and protect computer systems. Builds and fixes electronics in her spare time (including droids).

Appearance: usually found in coveralls and work boots. Her hair is usually tied in a messy bun and out of her face. She wears no jewelry. She can clean up pretty well when she needs to, but prefers to be comfortable, especially when she is either crawling around fixing things, or sitting for long hours cracking or writing code. She carries no weapons, except her toolkit and hand held computer devices.

She's extremely friendly and an eternal optimist. She's extremely outgoing and has very little shame and seems to not get embarrassed by anything. She's open and genuine about everything. She's easy to talk to, and good at what she does. She isn't a very good at lying. She doesn't like to do it. She never forgets anything she's seen, and can fix damn near anything put in front of her. She's also good with computers and hacking. She helps with the rebellion's data and communication security as well as setting up bases and fixing whatever happens to be lying around. She's always got some kind of gadget in her pocket that she's fixing. It's her nervous habit.

She doesn't like fighting. In fact, she freezes up in combat. If you can focus her on a job, like opening a computerized lock, or patching something up under fire, she can function, but unless she is distracted she either hides, or freezes up in shock. It's not been a big deal this far because her skills with machines make up for her failings in combat, and the techs don't usually have to worry about fighting. But she had to be carried out of her first combat experience because she froze when the first shots were fired.

She had always had an affinity with electronics. Droids, ships, computers, they all just speak to her. She sees the world differently than other people. Programming a computer, breaking codes, and building or fixing things just comes natural to her. She's also good with people which is unusual for tech junkies.

Her first adventure in hacking was cracking a few news sources and communication channels. She found out what really happened to Alderaan, and spent the next year trying to find out the truth behind everything she had been told. She could eventually crack Imperial codes with relative ease, and would do so whenever she got the itch.

She took up talking to others who had the same itch for information that she did. She ended up meeting people all over the galaxy. She was introduced to the Rebellion and set up a safe channel for them to send and receive information from the Imperial bases near her home.

The Empire had taken her parents to be questioned late one night. She was allowed to remain at home because she was not under suspicion. A week later they had yet to return so she hacked into the database. The information on the computer stated that they had been sent off planet for "public service". She tried digging deeper, but she couldn't find anything more about them.

She got a hold of one of her contacts and asked how she could join up. They arranged a meeting place. She impressed the man who met her there. She had shown skill and spirit with what she had already done, and they asked her to help them set up the electronics for several small rebel cells across the galaxy.

She spent the next few years going from place to place helping cobble together computers and communication equipment. She would hack systems and crack codes in her spare time. She absolutely loved what she was doing. She got to go fascinating places, meet different people, and work on all kinds of machines. She would try to fix things that other mechanics had given up on. Fighters, droids, all manner of equipment were putty in her hands. She was in heaven.

She's still trying to find her family. She asks anybody rescued from Imperial prisons about them, and hacks the databases every chance she gets hoping for closure one way or the other.

I see her as being a lot like Kaylee from Firefly but with more hacking/computer/electronics skills, and less engines/ship repair skills if that helps you gents write her better.


"The lord of the rings trilogy restored balance to the force after the Star Wars prequels ruined everything that was awesome about being a nerd at the movies." Wil Wheton, I Love the New Milenium, 2003
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