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The Week's Best and Worst Person of the week

July 4, 2010 at 1:25am

This weeks Best and worst person of the week

The Best Person has taken a lot of questions, some good, some bad, and some plain silly this week, dealt with debunked facts that continued to be thrown at her by talking heads who have no other goals but to trash the other party but through it all she has handled it with dignity, good humor and respect for the process. Elena Kagan likely won over some of the GOP, though the more extreme members of the right made their minds up the moment the seat opened.

Elena Kagan you are my Best person of the week

The Worst Person person is once again a group of people, Tabloid Media. This week you attacked Britney Spears for wearing a tank top and a pair of Boxer like shorts as she ran to the market. Britney dressed like any normal person would dress as they head out to do errands she is after all human. She isn't the first celeb you have targeted for not dressing up to head to the store to get a gallon on Milk. Sometimes people just want to be comfortable.

For not understanding that this weeks Worst Person is Tabloid Media.

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Rogue's Best and Worst People of the week

June 28, 2010 at 1:26am

This week's Best person is a whole group of people, The US Soccer Team. Sadly they lost Saturday but they still put on a good show. The Team tied England in a match that most had said they would lose. The came back from behind to win or tie almost every match. While the sport may not be as popular and truthfully may never be the team still captured the attention of a lot of people in this country.

Worst Person of the Week, again a group of people, Fox News. Really they could be the worst people of the week every week due to some of their more notable hosts and the straight out proven lies they continue to tell their viewers. Over the last week they continued to say that President Obama waited 50 days to act on the Oil disaster in the Gulf. This was proven false as the Coast Guard was on the scene with in hours. They also stated that administration turn down foreign assistance, unreasonably delayed the purchase of Maine oil booms, and dally in approving sand berm construction.

All are false and just simple research will prove it. In fact 15 foreign-flagged vessels are involved in dealing with the clean up, the Maine company (Packgen) only started making Booms after the oil spill and they failed BP tests, and the Army Corps of Engineers studied the sand berm plan as required by law and expressed concerns over proposal, they supported parts of the state plan but expressed fears that the berms would funnel the oil towards unprotected area's and into Mississippi.

#12]Fox lies and the truth

It's time Fox News did what they are supposed to do report the news not make things up.

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Rogue's Best and Worst People of the week for 6/14 to 6/18

June 19, 2010 at 0:25am

Because I was a way last week I will name two best and worst people

The Best People of the Week, ABC for pulling their ads from Perez Hilton's gossip site after posting upskirt photos of 17 year old Miley Cyrus. Perez has made his name for pulling crap like that it's about time he pays for it. So ABC you are the people of the week for doing the right thing.

Not many people would know who LaMar Queen is, but in a time where most Americans are lagging in Math skills Mr. Queen is doing his part to make algebra fun to learn. The 26 year old teacher at the Los Angeles Academy uses Hip Hop to teach his students algebra.

"Rap is what the kids respond to," Queen says. "They don't have a problem memorizing the songs at all."

His style started back in 2007 where fresh out of College he was told his class was boring and that he looked like Kanye West and was then asked to rap. Queen who had been rapping since the 7th grade took the challenge and wrote a song called 'Slope Intercept.' The rest they say is history. So Mr. Queen you are the best Person of the week for making learning fun.

The Worst People of the week.

Texas Congressman Joe Barton, with millions of gallons of Oil in the gulf of Mexico and the clean up which could cost Billions you had the gall to apologize to the very company responsible for this disaster just because we want them to pay for the clean up. You sir should apologize to the American people for taking Big Oils side instead of us. Maybe if it were Texas that had waves of Oil coming ashore it's coastline you would speak a different tone. For siding with BP you sure are the worst person of the week.

Rush Limbaugh, you are nothing more then a sad excuse for a human being. You dare mock an 11 year old girl, Malia Obama. An act that earned Glenn Beck the first Worst Person award. Do you have any class at all, what did she ever do that earns mockery from a raciest hypocrite drug abuser. To make matters worse you call the President of the United States a boy, hearkening back to when white men like you would routinely call African-American Men Boys. What makes maters even worse, you didn't stop their. Do you hate children Rush, or is it just African-American and poor kids. As if mocking 11 year old girls and calling the President a boy weren't enough you attack poor kids who rely on reduced of free lunch meals at school and go hungry in the summer. I'm sorry sir but telling kids to dumpster dive for food is not even human. You sure are my Worst thing of the week.
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Best and Worst plus a shout out of the week

June 5, 2010 at 6:02am

This weeks Best Person of the Week might strike some people as strange, Tiger Fans might be outraged and not bother learning why. Jim Joyce did something this week that few officials want to have happen. They got a call wrong, a call that would have likely given us the 3rd Perfect game of the season. Now Umpires, Referees, and officials are human and make mistakes sometimes. It's what Jim Joyce did after that has him topping my best person list. Now Jim could have kept his mouth shut or said some BS about how he doesn't have the benefit of Instant replay and has to go with what he saw. Instead he came out as a man and admitted he made a mistake. He admitted to Tiger Fans, Baseball fans, Armando Galarraga and to the whole wide world that he was wrong and the runner should have been out. For being Man enough to admit his mistake Jim Joyce is the best person of the week.

An extra shout out to Ken Griffey, Jr. Perhaps the Greatest Ball player of the Modern era, an era plagued by cheaters and lies. Ken Griffey, Jr . Gave the sport his all, often suffering season ending injuries as a result, but still managed to be one of the sports best hitters. While men like Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa dominated the Home Run races if the late 90's early 2000's he quietly did his job. While they and Roger Clemens apparently used performance enhancing drugs to keep their careers going after they started to decline Ken Griffey, Jr allowed nature to do it's thing. So at 40 years old the Kid retired from the sport of baseball. Looking no older or bigger then the day he joined the MLB. Over the course of his career he hit 630 Home Runs, 1,836 RBI's and 2,781 Hits. This is a man who had he been healthy likely would have broken Aaron's record with out any controversy.

This weeks Worst Person of the Week, well there were a few I could have picked Bud Selig for not wiping the blown call off the books. Could have picked George W. Bush for confessing to torturing terror suspects and saying he'd do it again despite the CIA releasing info stating that nothing was gained. But instead I am going with Niecy Nash. She went after an author who moved next door to Sarah Palin and accusing her of using Nazi like tactics against him. Niecy was right to go after his use of the Nazi's but where has she been. The Extreme Right aka The Tea Party and several Fox News commentators and the Fat Man Rush Limbaugh have been throwing the Word Nazi around like it was the latest big thing. They have repeatedly called President Obama and Liberals like myself Nazi's. The Nazi's were likely the worst group in the entire history of the planet having killed 6 million Men, Woman and Children. Nothing I have done, my family has done, the Democrats in office have done or President Obama has done even come close to the horror that was the Nazi Party. By not speaking out against them for their use of the word Nazi's but going after an author who happens to be writing a book on Sarah Palin You make it seem as if it is ok for some people to call people Nazi's but not others. How but you call out Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and other members of the Tea Party.

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Rogue Addresses the Black Spider-Man campaign

June 3, 2010 at 8:19am

Now I should get this out right away, I have no problem with African American's playing Comic Book characters. I'm not going to boycott Spider-Man if they hire Mr. David Glover to play Peter Parker, truthfully after what Sony did to Spider-Man 4 and it's cast and crew I have no plans once so ever to even bother with the reboot. What I have a problem with is changing an iconic character pretty much everyone knows for the sake of being politically correct and giving a different Race a white Superhero. Not when there are several Black Superheroes who aren't that well known, if Marvel wants to have a Black Super Hero use an existing character that hasn't been used.

Falcon - Captain America's friend with Captain America coming to film why not bring him to.

Bishop - With The popularity of the X Men Trilogy, and Wolverine along with the upcoming X Men First Class, Wolverine 2, and Magneto who not include Bishop, the Mutant from the Future who comes back to Join the X Men.

Black Panther - A Later Member of the Avengers, and we have an Avenger's film coming. Why not set him up for an Avenger's Sequel.

Luke Cage - He has ties to The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Iron Man. He's Bullet Proof with Super human strength and healing abilities.

We have James "Rhodey" Rhodes aka War Machine, but he's cast. Plus many more I didn't name.

So please instead of alienating hardcore Spider-Man fans by doing something different pick a little used character to Highlight and Mr. David Glover nothing against you buddy, but why not look through the catalog of African American Superheros and pitch an idea to bring one of them to the limelight.

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